Causes of Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is often referred to as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow.  The elbow is a hinge joint that can also rotate.  The biceps muscle and the triceps muscles connect to the elbow joint.  When this joint is overused (like when practicing a golf swing) the joint canRead More >

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Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain affects many people.  This type of pain can be caused from an injury, overuse in a sport, medical conditions, and other issues.  Some knee injuries are small enough to be treated with effective home care like ice/heat therapy, while some others might require treatments from aRead More >

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Proper Evaluation and Treatment for Weight Lifters

Not unlike most sports, weight lifting can take its toll on the body.  Crossfit is becoming increasingly popular, though not many people get properly evaluated prior to starting a weight lifting routine.  Proper evaluation is an important step to preventing minor or even serious injuries in the gym.Read More >

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Alternative Therapies for Athletes

Athletes are always searching for new methods to boost performance, shorten recovery times, reduce pain, and take care of their bodies.  In the past athletes have turned to performance enhancing drugs, different diets, medications, and supplements to help boost performance and handle pain.  However, there are some safeRead More >

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Are Adjustments Safe for Kids?

Alternative care medicine is becoming more popular as people search for different methods for self care and wellness.  Many people may wonder if these practices are safe for children.  Alternative care medicine and manual adjustments are considered safe for children and many alternative therapies might have a greaterRead More >

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How Massage Therapy Can Help with Back Pain and Other Ailments

Sometimes, back pain can be caused by an imbalance of the muscles.  Muscle imbalances are common in most people, and most people have one type of imbalance or another.  Imbalances can come from the way a person sits at a desk, using the right hand for mouse functionRead More >

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